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Activities in and excursions from Santa Cruz | Volcano Teide

Santa Cruz de Tenerife offers the best cultural, shopping and leisure activities in Tenerife, while also boasting a valuable historical and architectural heritage, museums and wide squares and parks.


Discover the capital of Tenerife with Volcano Teide’s activities in Santa Cruz, on board a tourist coach or on foot on a culinary and cultural tour; through its museums, such as the MNH (the Museum of Nature and Man) and La Casa del Carnaval (the Carnival Museum), and its spectacular botanic garden dedicated to palm trees.

Furthermore, Santa Cruz de Tenerife is also the point of departure for some of the must-do excursions in Tenerife: visit Loro Parque, go up Mount Teide on our tour from Santa Cruz de Tenerife or visit the northern part of the island with our excursion to the north from Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Carnival Queen Election Gala
Gala de la Reina del Carnaval

 Santa Cruz     

Seats Rhythm and Harmony Competition
Ritmo y Armonía del Carnaval de Tenerife

 Santa Cruz     

Excursion al Teide desde Santa Cruz


Loro Parque desde Santa Cruz de Tenerife

 Puerto de la Cruz     

Casa y Museo del Vino en Tenerife

 El Sauzal     

Orca jumping
Entradas para el Loro Parque

 Puerto de la Cruz     

Visita al Palmetum

 Santa Cruz     

Bus y Tren turístico Tenerife City View

 Santa Cruz     

Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival: float opening parade
Carroza en el Carnaval de Santa Cruz

 Santa Cruz     


Orca jumping

Entradas para el Loro Parque

El mejor parque zoológico del mundo

From 38,00€

Languages: English | Deutsch | Español |        05:00 Times Approx.     Puerto de la Cruz 


Visita al Palmetum

Descubre la mejor colección de palmeras de Europa

From 3,00€

Languages: English | Deutsch | Español |        02:00 Times Approx.     Santa Cruz