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Zoos in Tenerife

Tenerife has entertainment for both children and adults. Meet scores of animal species and enjoy the shows offered by our zoos.

Visit the Loro Parque. It is a must for any visitor. There you can meet orcas, dolphins, parrots and many more animals.

Ride a camel in the Camel Park and get to know these precious creatures throughout the ride around the island. Explore the jungle and have a unique experience in the Jungle Park. Ride a horse through the beautiful Caldera del Rey in a couple, family or group.

Without a doubt the island offers many other possibilities to choose from. Each of them will make your visit a unique experience for the whole family. 

Birds of prey in the Jungle Park
Jungle Park


Birds of prey in the Jungle Park

Jungle Park

Descubra la única selva de Europa.

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