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Theme parks in Tenerife

The island of Tenerife offers a wide variety of theme parks that you can visit during your holidays.

Feel like a giant in Pueblo Chico, discover the Canarian flora in the Aloe Park, visit the enigmatic Pyramids of Güimar or walk through the trees in the Forestal Park.

Given that Tenerife is a small island and that we enjoy more than 13 hours of sun, you will have time to spend a day in one of our theme parks and still go shopping, go to the beach or visit the historical quarters.

The island offers all kinds of activities for the whole family. Enjoy it! 

Pyramids of Güímar Ethnographic Park
Entradas a las Pirámides de Güímar


Forestal Park Tenerife
Entradas para Forestal Park Tenerife

 La Esperanza     

Karting Club Tenerife