Experiences in the incomparable nature of the Canary Islands

Volcanoes, ravines, forests and beaches

Tenerife is naturally attractive and has a unique landscape. You can go hiking up volcanoes, explore the tertiary laurel forests or scale down the ravines onto the hidden beaches. You will also be able to enjoy the island by bicycle, go paragliding and do many other activities amongst nature.

From the peak of Mount Teide to the beach

There’s only a thin line between the coast and the mountains, only a few steps divide completely different spaces. You can move from the idyllic beaches to the magical forests in the blink of an eye. If you travel north you will find a landscape that is full of life and greener than in the south.

The north of the island

In the north you will discover the spectacular Anaga, a luminous mountain range full of ravines, waterfalls and magical laurel forests. You’ll get to know the paths that will take you towards the northern villages, the most beautiful corners of the island, or you can fly over Tenerife on an unforgettable paragliding trip.

The south of Tenerife

In the south you can visit the stunning Masca ravine in the famous Teno mountain range or the Infernal Ravine: Barranco del Infierno. Take a walk along the volcanoes, find the untouched beaches on the coastline of Tenerife, switch off in the island’s magical forests or explore its caves.

Hiking and cycling throughout the day and stargazing at night

The island is full of signed trails that you can walk or cycle through on a mountain bike. You’ll explore its nature and discover it in a unique way. At the end of the day, nothing is better than stargazing and learning from the experts about the secrets that the Tenerife sky holds.

Trekking in Fuerteventura
Hiking in Fuerteventura

 Morro Jable     

Volcano route
Walking tour among volcanoes


The island of Lobos
Walking tour in the island of Lobos



Hiking in Fuerteventura

Enjoy practising trekking on the island

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Languages: English | Español |        03:30 Times Approx.     Morro Jable 

Walking tour among volcanoes

An amazing route

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Walking tour in the island of Lobos

Discover this marvellous protected island

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