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Get to know Tenerife on some of our excursions. Nature, culture, heritage, shopping and gastronomy… We organise the trip of your dreams. We also offer official guides in all languages. By bus, helicopter, or limousine… You choose!

Discover Tenerife 

In Tenerife you will have the opportunity to truly get to know the complete diversity of the landscapes and climates that the island has to offer. Discover the mountain range of Anaga, the true backbone of the island whose crest is crowned with the flourishing laurel, a prehistoric vegetable relic that has its last refuge in the archipelago. Explore the surprisingly beautiful, other-worldly and timeless ravines, such as the Infernal Ravine, or Barranco del Infierno. Get to know the black sand beaches of the north and the golden beaches of the south. Like tall guards, their palm trees overlook the sea along the whole coast, from San Juan de la Rambla to the Isla Baja in Los Realejos. Enjoy our subtropical valleys like the Valley of La Orotava with its midland forests of pine trees and its haze that transforms into a fluffy white mantle. Our VIP tours and excursions give you the opportunity to get to know a whole world of contrasts.

Viewpoint in El Hierro
Panoramic route


Hiking El Hierro
The route of water

 San Andrés     


Panoramic route

A walking tour between tradition and nature

From 90,00€

Languages: English | Español | Italiano |        08:00 Times Approx.     Valverde 

The route of water

Visit the sacred tree of the Bimbache

From 38,00€

Languages: English | Español | Italiano |        03:00 Times     San Andrés